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Fixed Asset Management


At MCKNIGHT&CO, we’re disrupting the industry with our groundbreaking Digital Asset Management solutions and business ideas. Our technology has already been recognized by market leaders and our scalable business model is setting the trend for industry standards.


McKnight&Co is a company specializing in the management of assets and movable assets, bringing you recognized know-how in the implementation of fixed asset management solutions. Our growth engine is based on the sustainability and adaptability of our solutions.

We rely on its mastery of new technology (Barcode Technology and RFID) to provide innovative solutions in the areas of automatic management of your inventories and fixed assets of material goods. 

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Asset Management and Inventory

Our Fixed Asset Management related Services

Asset Tagging Services
Asset Identification Services
Physical Asset Auditing Services
Asset Inventory
Field Data Collection Services
Policy Making 
Policy Control

Asset Valorization

Sorting and Cataloging Inventory

Asset Tagging Services


McKnight&Co is a full-service asset management consulting firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve maximum control and visibility over their fixed assets. Our team of experienced professionals provide a turn-key solution for asset tracking and tagging services. We take pride in providing reliable and cost-effective services to businesses of all sizes. With our asset tagging services, you can be sure that your assets are accurately tracked and monitored at all times. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your asset management process.

Asset Verification Services


For all your Fixed Asset Auditing needs, McKnight&Co provides reliable and accurate Asset Identification and Verification Services. Our team of professional auditors ensure that the value of your assets are accurately documented for compliance and financial reporting purposes.

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Physical Asset Audting Services


McKnight&Co is a premier Fixed Asset Auditing firm that provides a comprehensive range of physical asset auditing services to companies of all sizes. Our team of skilled auditors ensure that every asset is tracked and its status accurately reported so that you can get the most out of your investments.We provide a comprehensive physical and financial auditing services for onsite fixed assets. Our expert team will audit all physical assets to determine their value and accuracy of financial records, so you can trust that your business assets are correctly reported.

Asset Inventory


McKnight&Co is the premier Fixed Asset Auditing firm in the industry. Our specialized services include asset inventory and compliance to help clients maximize the value of their assets and ensure legal compliance.

Field Data Collection Services


McKnight&Co provides comprehensive fixed asset auditing services, with the use of sophisticated field data collection services to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their customers' asset information. Our team of experienced auditors have the expertise to help you take control of your asset portfolio. We provide comprehensive field data collections services, as well as inventory control systems to make asset management simple and straightforward.


Policy Making


We are the world's leading Fixed Asset Auditing firm, specialising in providing comprehensive asset management policy making capabilities to businesses of all sizes. Whether you're seeking to minimise your company's risk or optimise returns, their experienced team of experts will be sure to deliver the best-fit solution.

Policy Control


Providing policy control, tracking, and accounting support for business owners, CFOs, and their teams is what success looks like for us. We understand the importance of accurate fixed asset records and strive to ensure our clients have the best practices in place, keeping their books up to date and in compliance.

Asset Valorization

Take advantage of our Asset Valorization services to increase compliance.

Our team of experts provide comprehensive asset management audits and assessments to maximize the value of your assets.

Fixed Asset / Inventory Management
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