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Since 2013, McKnight&Co has made it its top priority to supply clients with the best Fixed Asset and Space Identification products available. Our team of committed employees work hard to ensure that whenever our clients think of quality, they’ll be thinking of us. Take a look at our wide range of inventory and give us a call today for your next identification project.

McKnight&Co offer two main types of Asset tags, Aluminum and Polyester tags to ensure your valued assets are properly identified with the highest quality material.

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What Are Some Benefits of Asset Tags?

  • Simplifying tracking of assets.

  • Enabling comprehensive tracking of maintenance and downtime.

  • Enabling businesses to track costs.

  • Reducing costs associated with loss and theft of assets.



The Benefit of Asset Tagging system

Asset tagging allows companies to assign a unique identifier to each asset. Printed with barcodes, asset tags eliminate the need for manual data entry, enabling accurate and efficient inventory tracking and streamlined documentation of activities such as maintenance and repairs.


By tracking each asset’s location, maintenance history, usage, and other details, companies can simplify record-keeping and streamline reporting for accounting and tax purposes. For example, complete utilization data makes it easy to calculate depreciation for equipment assets.

Eco Friendly Tags
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